Five Reasons to Hire a Professional Photographer

  1. Leah Zemany says:

    I take lots of photos myself on my phone but Lauren’s pictures are 100x better than anything I could ever come up with! I love having her capture my family as it grows and changes! She is the best and I love the connection we have! Would never use anyone else!

  2. Heather Hammer says:

    Hiring a professional photographer allows me to capture fleeting moments of their littleness without me worrying I’m going to mess it up. She also captures those perfect shots of littleness that you never want to forget. I swear I can still smell the newborn smell just by looking at our newborn pictures.

    Lauren somehow gets the most amazing shots of my kids, even when they are ornery and crazy toddlers/preschoolers/school agers. I have definitely formed a relationship with Lauren but more importantly my kids have.

    Professional photography is an art form, and it is not my talent. I’m thankful for Lauren’s creativity and skill. It is worth the investment and the budgeting we do for it.

  3. Chelsea Toerner says:

    These are all super important! Especially the newborn photos… I remember trying to take photos of my newborn and attempted to make them look like the professional ones… big mistake! Lol Another big reason is the quality when printed is usually so much better with professional photos!

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