Drawing in Light

I’ve taught myself a lot since those early days. In fact, my family likes to joke that I’m more of a professional student than anything else. I’m always looking for a new class to take or something new to learn, so I’m always up to date on the latest trends.

When choosing a photographer, you want to choose someone whose artistic vision and personality is a good fit for you. My goal is to provide you and your family with unique and timeless images that you will treasure for a lifetime. With three little ones of my own, I understand the complexities and sometimes downright chaos that life can be. So often we are swept up in the moment and it is so easy to forget all the little details. Let me document those things for you to remember forever.

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I've been a professional photographer for eight years, but I've had a camera in my hand much longer than that! When I was a kid I used to waste so much film taking "art" pictures of trash in the woods behind my house and having impromptu photo sessions with my neighbor's Dalmatian puppies. Back then I thought maybe I would use my camera skills as a Crime Scene Investigator.

Instead, I went to college and became a teacher and then a stay at home mom. It was no surprise that having my own kids inspired me to really get serious to learn how to take portraits. And luckily, I am no longer limited by a 24 exposure roll of film and I can click my camera as much as my heart desires! I would be so honored to have the privilege of documenting your family too.

About Lauren Carson